1.No laser
Failure cause Trouble shooting
Laser power supply switch is not on Switch on
The laser pressure threshold is too small Increase the laser pressure threshold
The potentiometer knob is screwed to the minimum value. The current is too small, increase the current
The water pump is turned off (water protection automatically opens). Turn on the water pump
Bent water hose or blockage because of dirty water (water protection automatically opens). Check the water hose or water pump, to ensure clean and unblocked circulating water.
The switch is not turned to the laser mode. Turn the switch to laser mode
Damaged or aging laser tube. Replace the laser tube
Loose wires of the laser tube. Ensure all wiring is ok. No wire coming out.
Damaged laser power supply (indicator of the laser power supply doesn’t light) Replace the laser power supply
Water protection device doesn’t work Replace the water protection device

2. Distinct fusing edging during laser cutting.
Failure cause Trouble shooting
The laser pressure threshold is too large (the starting point is burnt) Decrease the laser pressure threshold
The output laser power is too large Decrease the laser current
The cutting speed is too slow Increase the cutting speed

3. Weak laser cutting ability.
Failure cause Trouble shooting
The service life of the laser tube is over Check the color of the light beam in the laser tube. White light beam indicates laser tube should be replaced; violet color indicates the service life of the tube is not over yet.
Dirty lens Any dirty lens of the three reflexes can affect laser energy. Check and clean the reflex lens and focus lens.
Focal length If focal length is not proper, laser energy is decreased.
Water temperature is too high The water container mustn’t less than 25Liter. If water is not enough, the water temperature rises easily. When water temperature rises, the laser energy is decreased.
Speed excessively fast Decrease the speed properly

4. Carriage is sluggish or fails to rise.
Failure cause Trouble shooting
The switch is not turned to the plotter mode. Turn the switch to plotter mode
Damaged elastic piece under the carriage cover Replace the elastic piece
Burnt drive coil Replace the drive coil

5. Poor cutting effect or skipping cutting.
Failure cause Trouble shooting
Uneven surface of the white strip Flatten the bar or replace it.
The knife holder is clamped too high Adjust it to proper position
The carriage hits with some object under the bottom. Clear off the object.
There is foreign matter on the guide rail Clean the guide rail with machine oil
Blocked knife tip Clear off the foreign matter

6. The material is not driven correctly or there is abnormal noise when the machine is running.
Failure cause Trouble shooting
The material is jammed Check for abnormal material which makes the material jammed
Wrong location of the pinch roller Check and adjust the location of the pinch roller
Worn or damaged rubber of the wheel Replace the rubber

7. Machine can not receive the command from the host computer.
Failure cause Trouble shooting
Error of USB driver Install driver
The off-line key might be pressed by some object Remove the possible object that might hit the off-line key
Origin isn’t set up after off-line  Press the origin key
Baud rate setup error Transmission rate is 9600
Streaming control setup Error Select “RTS/CtS”
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