CO2 Laser cutting plotter

MOMO 1570mm 2in1 Laser cutter machine

M-1570 CO2 Laser Cutter plotter Support ARMS Automatic contour cutting,Auto scam(optional),Support cut most of Non-metal material,Leather, Paper, Stickers, Felt, Cloth, Plastic, Rubber and so on
  • Max cutting width: 1570mm
  • Max cutting speed: 10-700mm/s
  • Positioning mode: Red Point Positioning
  • Laser Tube Type: 50W/80W Co2 sealed laser tube
  • Description Specification Video What Can You Do
    ► 50W, 80W CO2 Laser Type
    Support ARMS Automatic contour cutting,Auto scam(optional)

    ► 1570mm Max Width Available
    ►  Portable, Desktop, Inexpensive for Home or Small business
    ►  Support Cutting Leather, Paper, Stickers, Felt, Cloth, Acrylic, Plastic, Rubber and so on
    ► CE, ISO, FDA Certification
    ► English User Manual and Video to how to operation
    ► Saving Time, Saving Labor Cost, Saving your Money

    Model M-980 M-1220 M-1570
    Material made Professional designed stand type metal frame
    Max. feeding width 980mm 1380mm 1730mm
    Max. cutting width 820mm 1220mm 1570mm
    Driving type Vertical roller driving type
    Driving motor Stepping motor
    PC interface RS232 serial port or USB
    Laser head Designed by MOMO
    Laser mode hollow, engraving, cutting, drawing
    Knife Internal rotary style (Roland© standard type blade)
    Knife mode Same as a general cutting plotter
    Plotting pen Standard water based ball point pen refill
    Plotting mode Same as a general cutting plotter
    Power supply AC220V/110V ±5%, 50Hz-60Hz
    Total power 50W ~ 200W (depending on mode of operation)
    Laser tube power 40W/50W/60W optional
    Cutting speed Min.10mm/S ~ Max. 800mm/S
    Cutting pressure Min. 10g ~ Max. 500g(Knife mode
    Resolution 0.0254mm/step
    Repeat accuracy 0.0127mm
    Language format DM/PL compatible
    Baud rate 38.4K
    Data transmission 8 data bits, 0 parity bit, 1 stop bit
    Water-load protection (laser) yes
    Uncover protection (laser) No
    Working environment 5-40℃, 5-90% R.H. (without condensate)  Keep away from the environment with dust or high electromagnetic interference
    Control panel LCD display + key + switch + test + current regulation + current indication
    Min. character Chinese character: 3mm; letter: 2mm; (varies depending on character font and media)
    Laser current range 0-20mA
    Interface type Serial port/USB
    Machine net weight 51KG 61KG 71KG
    Net weight of water pump and air pump 2.5KG
    Weight of wooden case and accessories 21KG 31.5KG 36.5KG

    Package size
    export package (plywood case package)
    export package (plywood case package)
    export package (plywood case package)
    Packed weight 70kg
    (including standard configuration and wooden case)
    (including standard configuration and wooden case)
    (including standard configuration and wooden case)
    Machine dimensions 1420mm*700mm*1120mm 1820mm*700mm*1120mm 2170mm*700mm*1120mm
    Applicable material Soft and thin nonmetal material, such as paperboard, cutting vinyl
    Application range Currently, this machine has been widely used for apparel, label, outdoor signs, lamp-box, screen printing, car decoration, etc.
    Remarks: When the power is 110V,the weight is 2kg increased.
    What can you do with a MOMO Laser cutter plotter machine:

    MOMO Laser Cutter support engrave or cut most of Non-metal material , like Wood, Leather, Paper, Stickers, Felt, Cloth, Acrylic, Plastic, Rubber and so on.
    Material Thickness
    Leather 1 mm
    Paper 0.5-1.5 mm
    Felt 2-3 mm
    Wood 3 mm
    Rubber 3 mm
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