Servo Motor Plotter

MOMO 60 inch Servo cutting plotter

MOMO 64 inch servo motor cutting plotter build in ccd sensor,it offers new and smart automatic functions that are ideal for working with any colors of material and mark.It is real 100% automatically plotter cutter.
  • Motor: Servo motor
  • Acceptable media width: 1700mm
  • Max cutting width: 1600mm
  • Positioning mode: Fully automatic positioning by CCD Sensor
  • Force: 0g~2000g ( adjustable )
  • Work Nosie: 《50dB
  • Description Specification Application VIDEO
    1, High-precision digital Servo DC:High-precision output,lower nosie less than 50dB at work.
    Contour Cutting Function(CCD Sensor positioning)
    3. USB 2.0 cable(support hot-swappable)/RS232 seril port/SD card reading

    4. Digital Blade Cutting force update to 1000g.(20-1000g adjustable) ensure it can cut reflective film better
    5. Digital Cutting Speed update to 1000mm/s( adjustable)
    6. Intelligent Mainboard ARM32 CPU,Cache update to 8M / 8M buffer memery ensure big file infinite loop output with a fast speed
    7. Cut minimum 2mm characters,thickness 2mm media
    8. C
    an do contour cutting for 10M length images accurately.
    9. High quality Aluminum stands, more durable and Steady, high-grade.
    10.Emergency stops & stops to return at any time to monitor the cutting quality, easy to operate.
    11.Bulk copy up to 99, saving time and strength.
    12.Blue backlight LCD, more clear and bright.
    13.Inertial rotating blade holder enables more accurate and high quality cutting.
    14.Logo printing and sample purchasing available.
    15,Laser precision limit ,make sure the carriage start & stop safety and exactly
    16. A 0.3 mm thick Aluminum section bar grarantee the equipment work stable
    17. A Chrome plated shaft and the steel thorn roller guarantee a high precison during feeding process
    18. DM-PL/HP-GL plotter instruction automatic identification

    Model MM-HSQ1600  (64inch Servo motor Plotter )
    Acceptable media width 1700mm
    Max cutting width 1600mm
    64 Inch
    Cutting head Single
    CCD Sensor Support
    Contour cutting function Fast ,automatically and high precision contour cut by using ccd sensor.
    Operation LCD
    Connector RS-232C/USB2.0/SD Card(1-8G)/U Disk
    Contour cutting calibration Easy use and high precision calibrate
    Mainboard 32bit ARM cortex M4 MCU,128M memory. Support remote and one key update.
    location mode Bound system. set origin freely
    Driver Servo motor
    Cutting Mode Intelligent & Automatic contour cutting
    Max moving speed 1200mm/s
    Max cutting speed 1000mm/s
    Max cutting thickness 1mm
    Force Single head: 0g~1000g  ( adjustable )
    Cutting precision < 0.01mm
    Repeat precision 0.082mm
    Power supply AC100~240V/50Hz~60Hz
    working environment +5℃~ +45℃,relative humidity 30%~70%
    Support type stand
    Body color black/blue(optional)
    Bracket Support
    Size 1965*345*385mm
    Packing G/N weight 43kg
    Vinyl cutter Software SignMaster
    Operation system Windows2000 / XP / 2003 / win7 / 2003 / win7 /win10
    MAC OSX10.2.8 or above