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Easy Cut Studio vinyl cutting software for cutting plotter

Easy Cut Studio is the premier sign making and vinyl cutting software for cut signs, lettering, and decals with your vinyl cutter/plotter on Mac and Windows.
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Introducing Easy Cut Studio

The complete solution for designing, printing, cutting and print+cut. It gives you the ability to cut any TrueType font, OpenType font, graphics, SVG, PDF files, as well as your own original designs with your cutting plotter. This awesome vinyl cutter software even supports vectorize your images and built-in shape library includes hundreds of vectorial designs ready for cut. With intuitive user interface, Now anyone can cut designs like a pro! Professional sign cutting software for your vinyl cutter. Both MacOS and Windows versions available.

Draw your own designs

Drawing and Designing couldn’t get any easier! This powerful vinyl cutter software comes with a suite of various shape drawing and editing tools to draw and edit any shape directly on the mat. Easily draw unique shapes, modify signs, edit images, create logos, customize text with fonts on your computer plus special effects. Easy Cut Studio will make you design and cut your shapes easier than with any other sign-making software in the market. It is a little design powerhouse for vinyl cutting.

Vinyl Cutting Software Interface

Image Tracing & Vectorizing

Unmatched vectorization, Simply use the powerful tracing tool to create cuttable outlines from any imported raster graphics (including PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD, PDF, BMP, TGA, TIFF, etc.) or scanned images. Easily create accurate vector paths ready for cutting or make further editing.

Tracing and Vectorizing Image

Import/Export most file formats

Import various file formats, including SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, GSD, WPC and other popular vector formats as editable objects. giving you the power to cut any shape and custom artworks. You can also export your design to SVG, TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, or FCM format.

Import Image Formats

Print and Cut (Contour Cut)

Print to Cut made easy, fast and accurate. Automatic creation of registration marks for print and cut applications. Easily print your artwork and then cut out around the printed image using your vinyl cutter, which is perfect for create decals and stickers. User control over registration size, thickness and offset will help the cutter find the contour cut marks easily.

Support Contour Cutting

SVG to FCM Converter

SVG to FCM Batch conversion workflow is unmatched by any vinyl cutter software on the market. Easy Cut Studio will allow you to spend less time converting SVG to brother ScanNCut FCM file and more time cutting and playing with paper.

Convert SVG to FCM

Design and Cut Rhinestone Templates

Easily convert designs into rhinestone templates and make your own custom rhinestone designs with typeable rhinestone ready fonts. Specify stone size and spacing to make a rhinestone template and lattice shapes. Just select an object on the screen mat, and then choose "Rhinestones" from under the "Effects" menu to bring up the Rhinestone window shown below.

Create Rhinestone Shapes

Weld Text and Shapes Together

Welding is an advanced option allows you to make overlapping text and shapes to become a single shape, by joining shapes together wherever an overlap occurs. There are two ways to combine shapes/letters together: welding and joining.

Weld Shapes Together

Working With Layers

Easily create complex designs using multiple layers, grouping to organize the display order of objects. Using Layers can help you more control over how you organize, edit and cut objects with Easy Cut Studio. The Shadow Layer option will create cuttable shadows from any shape.

Working With Layers

Full control over your vinyl cutter

Get the job done, faster. Flexible Cut Settings that allows you to cut exactly what you want. You can set cut mode, mirroring, cut selection only, pressure, speed, Print+Cut, multi-cut (Cut Copies), blade-offset, overcut and many more professional vinyl cutter controls. Cut vinyl signs with incredible ease.

Easy Vinyl Cutting Settings

Supported Vinyl Cutters and Plotters

Works with a wide range of electronic cutting machines/vinyl cutters including USCutter, Roland, Graphtec, GCC, Secabo,MOMO, Summa, PCut, Ioline, SilverBullet, Liyu, KingCut, Redsail, GoldCut, JinKa, Refine, PixMax, Vicsign, Rabbit, Saga, KNK, Silhouette SD/CAMEO/Curio/Portrait, CraftRobo, Craftwell eCraft, i-Craft, BossKut Gazelle, AnaGraph, Mutoh ValueCut, Pazzles Inspiration/Pro/Vue, Seiki, Ramtin, Master Vinyl Cutter, Vinyl Express machines and so on. (No longer work with the Cricut machines.).

  • Cut font files already installed on your Windows or Mac.
  • Layout and special effects for your text and shapes.
  • Text on arch tool and text on path tool.
  • Place text or objects on bezier paths.
  • Convert text to outlines/paths.
  • Registration marks.
  • Node editing tool.
  • Create shadowed mat effects.
  • Stencil function for bridging interior shapes.
  • Use any bitmap image to create a texture.
  • WYSIWYC Interface - What you see is what you cut.
  • Multi-color gradient fill function with linear and radial options.
  • Option to cut only selected objects.
  • Mirror or flip images before cutting.
  • Support USB connection, serial (COM), parallel and etc.
  • Scan images directly into the software.
  • Choose from over 250 pre-made shapes from the built-in library.
  • Generate jigsaw puzzles with full control.

Q: When I try to set up my cutter, it is not listed. Is there a generic one I can use?
A: Yes, Please go to the Cutter menu -> Manage My Cutters and add the Plotter Generic option. If it still does not work, please contact us, The support department will respond to your email within 24 hours.

Q: Where are the tutorials to know how to use the software?
A: You can download user Manual here.

Q: What file extensions does Easy Cut Studio supported? Will it take straight .ai files or at the very least .svg?
A: Yes, Easy Cut Studio supports import various file formats, including SVG, AI, EPS, PDF or other popular formats as editable vector objects.

Q: What kind of vinyl cutters are supported?
A: Easy Cut Studio supports a variety of cutters including USCutter, GCC, Roland, Pazzles, Silhouette SD/CAMEO/Portrait, VinylExpress machines and so on. Click here to find all current models that are supported by Easy Cut Studio. If you do not find your vinyl cutter in the list. Please contact us to add the cutters that are requested.

Q: I get an error telling me the Cutting Machine can't be found. What am I missing or doing wrong?
A: Make sure you have the latest version installed and make sure you have the latest USB driver installed. Easy Cut Studio has a USB Driver Install option under the Help menu for various cutting machines (plotters, vinyl cutters). However the latest version of the USB driver may be downloaded from

Q: I click Cutter, OK, then Cut and it says "Cutting" full blue progress bar, then says "Cutting data was sent to cutting machine" but the machine sits there doing nothing?
A: Make sure the cutter is in online mode. If the cutter is in offline mode (which is usually the default after you power it on) it will not cut anything.

Q: Does your software work with Roland GS-24 and Roland CAMM1 GX-24 plotters?
A: Yes, Easy Cut Studio fully compatible with Roland GS 24 and Roland GX 24 plotters. From the cutter menu, choose manage cutters and try to use "Roland GX" option. We do have customers using it and works great.

Q: Does your software work with Creation PCut vinyl cutters? It is not listed in the cutter setup menu. How do I get it to work?
A: Yes, our software work with Creation PCut machines. Please try to select the USCutter PCut from the list to add as a cutter.

Q: There are a few lines through the cut. Is this because I've the trial version?
A: Yes, The horizontal line is a "watermark". You need to register your copy if you want to cut non-watermarked projects. After processing your order, we’ll send you a license key that will disable the watermarks from your newly cut projects.

Q: Will this software work with my Cricut machine?
A: Easy Cut Studio will not cut directly with the Cricut machines. If you are using a Cricut Explore, you can export as SVG from Easy Cut Studio and upload the SVG into Cricut Design Space for cutting with the Cricut Explore.

Q: I want to cut at the beginning of my vinyl so exactly as I vectors place in my software and that it begin cutting at the beginning of the roll, and not at the back left or right of the roll. how to do it?
A: When you hit cut to bring up the cut window you can set the Cut mode to WYSIWYG or Origin Point. When set to Origin Point, it should automatically shift the design so that it starts cutting where the blade origin is set on the machine.

Q: Can I use this program to create designs to be cut on the Brother ScanNCut?
A: Easy Cut Studio cannot directly cut with the Brother ScanNCut. You can only use Easy Cut Studio to create designs and then export as a compatible format to a USB drive for the Brother ScanNCut.

Q: What are the limitations of the free demo?
A: The demo version will cut a few horizontal lines through everything as a DEMO watermark.

Q: it won't let me enter a value longer than 72 inches on the virtual mat. Is this a limitation of the standard edition only?
A: The maximum cutting length is 72 inches. We have a Pro version of EasySignCut which does not have that limit. With EasySigncut Pro you can cut up to 200 inches in length.

Q: When I send my designs to the Graphtec cutter the sizing is about 1.5 times larger than what has been entered in the screen. Is there a reason for this sizing issue?
A: Need to make sure the step size on the Graphtec cutter matches the step size set in the software in the Cutter Settings.

Q: I am trying to get my cutter to cut right size. Everything is cutting smaller than what it should be. what settings can be changed to make it accurate?
A: In the software, When you hit cut to bring up the cut window, click the settings button and there are settings for X and Y resolution. If it is cutting too small, Increase the values. Values are based off a 1 x 1 inch square. Make sure the units are set to inches. Most of the time these will be set to 1.0 and 1.0. So now you will adjust these numbers accordingly in order to resolve the scaling issue.

Q: I've got an SVG file in which I have separated the objects. and I can't get one object to fill with color.
A: By default, Easy Cut Studio will only fill shapes that are closed. If a shape is open, you can close it by choosing Close Path from the Path menu. In the Preferences under the Edit tab, there is also an option "Never fill open paths" which is checked by default. You can uncheck that and it should apply fills if the path is open.

Q: Cutter is not cutting circles round they look like a saw blade is there some kind of adjustment within the program?
A: When you hit cut to bring up the cut window, try to change the Holder setting to Pen and set the option below to "Draw draw+cut lines".

Q: I am trying to cut an existing file but only need to cut part of it. How do I cross out the stuff I don't want to cut?
A: If you open the Layers window you should see all the different shapes in your project. If you click the Eye icon, you can toggle specific Layers to be visible/not visible, where layers that are not visible will not cut.

Q: The cutting is significantly slower than what I experienced with Roland’s CutStudio. How to fix this?
A: Do you mean the speed at which the blade is moving is slow? If you are able to set the speed on the Roland machine, set the speed there and in the software, uncheck the option to Use software speed & pressure.

Q: How to activate the software on a new computer?
A: If you want to run Easy Cut Studio on another system, you first must deactivate your software license before you can activate it on a second system. Choose the Deactivate option under the Help menu in EasyCutStudio. (You must be connected to the Internet to deactivate your software.) Once it is deactivated, you can use your serial key to activate the software on a new computer.

Q: I tried to install software on Mac OS 10.6, and the installation fails every time, Does the Easy Cut Studio with Mac 10.6.8? ?
A: Yes. The Easy Cut Studio compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.8, You will need to update your Apple Software Installer from
here. Maybe this will help.

Q: Are there any educational discounts available?
A: Yes, We specially offer additional discounts for schools, government and non-profit organizations. Please contact our sales to discuss specific requirements.

Q: I want to buy multiple licenses. Are there any discounts ?
A: Yes, The price for multiple license varies according to licenses you need. You can email our
sales team to place the order.

Q: Is Easy Cut Studio compatible with macOS Sierra?
A: Yes, Easy Cut Studio for Mac is fully optimized for macOS 10.13 High Sierra and Retina display.

Q: More Questions?
A: If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to
contact us. We'd love to hear from you!